SIAM 1999

Supper at Log Inn

The List Members

Front Row - Gary Morgan,  Arnie Fero, Glenn Karch, Kelly Reynolds

Back Row - Keith Kinny,  Craig Martin, Pete Alleman, Dave Rotigel, Nels Johnsrud

A shot of the room.
Nearest table - Near to Far - Alleman Family (Steven, Cheryl, and Ruth), Gary and his grandson, Dave, Arnie, Nels.
Far table - Glenn, Kelly,  Barb, and Kimmy.

Craig and his wife, Ernie Nolan and his wife?,  Keith and wife. I'm not sure about the others.

Another shot of the room.

Kelly Reynolds

Kelly Reynolds

Glenn Karch

Ernie Nolan

Craig Martin

Craig Martin

Arnie Fero (The only clear picture that I have ever seen of Arnie)

Arnie Fero

Dave Rotigel

Nels Johnsrud

Gary Morgan

Gary's grandson

Kenneth Askey

The Show