Cypress Sawmill Festival 2000
Patterson, Louisiana

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Dick Gibbens' shingle saw powered by his IH Titan

Dick's Titan 10-20 manufactured in 1920.

Dick starting the tractor.

Dick is demonstrating his Perkin Shingle Mill, made in 1888

  Ottawa Log Saw in Action

Ernest Felterman helping Dick Gibbens demonstrate his Ottawa log saw.

Dick Gibbens' Trailer of Engines

FELEQUA  1915 IHC Famous Marine conversion

12 HP Fairbanks Morse model N built in 1906

6 HP Fairbanks Morse "Z"
Type C built in 1947


The kids loved this engine blowing smoke rings, but it sure was hard to get a picture of the action.  This ia a Fairbanks Morse model  Z  1 1/2 HP built in 1923.

Ernest Felterman and his engine displays


Ernest's marine engine display


Ernest's trailer of working engines

Model Engines

Ralph Olmsted's Car

Harley Davidson

Engine for Sale

A small engine was for sale with the owner asking for $475. It was free, had compression (after we operated the exhaust valve a few times), and was complete except for fuel tank. The gears were very worn and a small piece of iron was missing at the hub of the flywheel. The engine had no tag on it.

Other Engines

Keith Dupuis working on his newly painted FM dishpan. The paint was causing the governor to stick. Jamie Hurry and his girlfriend Cheryl helping.

Dual Port Sliding Sleeve Engine

Here is an MPEG movie of a unique design in a 4 cycle engine. It has no valves, but uses dual sliding cylinder sleeves to move intake and exhaust ports. The engine was being demonstrated with the cylinder head off. The operation is difficult to describe, but can easily be seen. This movie is 1.44 MBytes.