Muncie Oil Engine

We found this engine alongside Bayou Teche in South Central Louisiana while we were going for a leasurely boat ride. It appears to have been setup to pump water out of the bayou.

Click on the picture to see full size.

Here is our initial view from the bayou.

This is the tag on the cylinder.

Front quarter view. It looks like many parts are missing.

Where is the ignition? What is the ball in the front? Hot tube???

Note that the head is loose, leaving a gap to expose the cylinder to the elements.

Strange box at the bottom center. What is the hole at the top rear of the cylinder?

Governor and some type of cam.

Damn big governor springs.

Rear view.

Date on the concrete.
Wendel says that Muncie changed its name to Muncie Oil Engine in 1913 and quit production in 1924.

Some type of cam operated mechanism at the rear. Oil pump for lubricators?

Tag from assumed oil pump.

Unknown mechanism on base on pulley side.

Inside rear shot of governor.

Drive pulley and flywheel.

Fairly complicated drive mechanism.

Front view of drive pulleys. Pulley halves on the ground.

Is that the exhaust pipe going into the ground?

That pipe is about six inches in diameter.

Closeup of the pulley halves.

Here is a view of the drive pulley and the pump in the background.

A closer shot of the pump and piping.

Is the clutch for the little pulley, the big one, or both?

Identificaton on the engine cylinder.

Mixer of some type?

What is this on the top?

Another shot of the assumed oil pump.

A closer shot of the water pump.

The water pump.

Pulley on the water pump.

Ruth & Cheryl for size reference. The engine is a little over 1 ruth high, about 2 ruths long, and about 1.5 ruths wide. I will not even guess how many ruths it weighs.

Restored Muncie Oil Engine

The following pictures were taken by Don Siefker in 1994 at Portland, Indiana.  This is a 55 HP Muncie Oil Engine manufactured in 1915. Thanks Don!