Little Lisa's Visit
with the Alleman's in Acadiana (Cajun Country)

Keep watching this page for updates on Little Lisa's visit.

Little Lisa arrived in the early morning hours of 26 December 2000. She decided not to wake us and slept on our Alamo engine on the back porch. We had a second Christmas gathering with Ruth's family at our house that day. Little Lisa joined us for a big barbecue dinner followed by exchange of gifts.

Christmas 2000

Little Lisa relaxing and watching the kids open Christmas presents.

New Year's Eve Party

Little Lisa wanted some Aquavit that Pete got from Norway and some vodka.

We started enticing her to Cajun ways with cayenne peppers and beer instead of the stronger liquor.

By midnight we had her weaned off of the liquor and she was drinking pure cayenne sauce.

New Year's Crankup
Just after midnight we started up the Alamo engine (it is running here). It sounds and smells much better than the fireworks that we launched.

Gun Show

Little Lisa took us to a local gun show. None of us had ever been to a show like this, but Little Lisa looked like she had been to many of these shows. It was a lot of fun and we learned a lot. Pete found some very good prices on ammo and Ruth found a good WWII surplus folding shovel.

There were lots of things there besides guns. There were lots of knives, swords, and hunting supplies. Little Lisa really liked the camouflage negligée, but she couldn't talk Ruth into getting one. There were also 4-wheelers, motorcycles, and lots of other things. I think Little Lisa has Ruth convinced that Ruth and I should each get a touring motorcycle when we retire and spend retirement traveling around the country.

Little Lisa found a new friend to play with.

Little Lisa Visits Other Engine People

Jay Bernard had donated a restored antique electric fan to the ATIS charity auction. Ruth and I were the high bidders and we arranged to visit Jay and pick up the fan. Little Lisa came along to meet Jay.

Little Lisa lusting after Jay's Maytag

Jay let Lisa play with the Maytag for a while.

Jay watching over Lisa.

Little Lisa with Pete's "new" old fan.

Jay, Little Lisa and Pete

On the way home, we dropped in at Dick Gibbens' place. Dick had just finished machining a part for a fellow engine enthusiast. He gave us a tour of his shop and all his goodies while Little Lisa and the kids played on Dick's Model T.