Laurel Valley Plantation Spring Festival
30 April 2000
Thibodeaux, Louisiana

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St. Mary's Oil Engine
30 Horsepower @ 260 RPM
(Pictures dedicated to Dr. John. He wanted to be here, but could not make it.)

Ruth and Cheryl are my engine size rulers again.

Starter air compressor for the St. Mary's engine.

J.B. is preparing to start the engine by bleeding the air from the fuel line.

J.B. starting the engine with compressed air.

MPEG #1 of St. Mary's Oil Engine Running (1.4 MB)
MPEG #2 of St. Mary's Oil Engine Running (1.4 MB)

Bud Bordelon's Engine Display

Equipment and Sights around the grounds

Cars on Display

Train Engines on Display

Dick Gibbens' Display

Dick Gibbens' Rumley Oil Pull

Other Engines on Display

Keith Dupuis had several engines on display, including this kerosene Fairbanks Morse.

Nick had this 1 3/4 HP Gilson among other engines.

J.B. Castnagos' Model T Ford

J.B. and Jamie Hurry gave rides in J.B.'s model T to raise money for Girl Scouts. Dick's daughter had several Girl Scouts there selling ride tickets and making ropes  with Ernest Felterman's rope making equipment. The ropes were sold to the public.

Naquin's Truck

Phil Aucoin told some history about this truck. Phil said that Mr. Naquin made this homemade truck. Mr. Naquin was a traveling salesman who would go from farm to farm selling John Deere parts. After rains, Mr. Naquin would have to travel to some plantations by driving between the rails of the railroad tracks. Phil rode in this truck as a young boy.

J.B. Castagnos'  20 Quart White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer

J.B. will be restoring this ice cream freezer. He will modify it to be driven by an engine, but has not yet decided which engine will be used. It should be a real good attraction for shows here in south Louisiana.

Civil War Cannon