Lafayette Concert Band

Fall Festival of Sound
Thursday 12 October 2000


Fanfare and Anthem (2.3 MB)
Where Never Lark or Eagle Flew (9.9 MB) James Curnow
Second Suite in F for Military Band
  • March
  • Song Without Words
  • Song of the Blacksmith
  • Fantasia on the 'Dargason'

  • (4.7 MB)
    (2.5 MB)
    (1.1 MB)
    (3.3 MB)
    Gutav Holst
    revised and edited by Colin Mathews
    Excursions for Trumpet and Band
         Dr Paul Morton, Soloist
    (6.9 MB) Bruce Broughton
    Ashokan Farewell (3.9 MB) Jay Ungar
    arranged by Calvin Custer
    Aguero (2.7 MB) Jose Franco
    edited by Robert E. Foster
    Flourish for Wind Band (2.1 MB) R. Vaughan Williams
    A Leroy Anderson Portrait (6.9 MB) Leroy Anderson
    arranged by James Barnes
    Portrait of a Trumpet
         Dr Paul Morton, Soloist
    (5.5 MB) Sammy Nestico
    Solid Men to the Front (3.7 MB) John Philip Sousa
    edited by Frank Byme